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What is the secret to the success of Terrace Edge Pinot Gris?

Words by Mark Tarr

Success? We like to think so. Certainly Terrace Edge sells out every vintage of Pinot Gris, and it has a very strong following. There is no doubt that it is one of our most popular wines. It definitely has something special about it.


The secret of TE Pinot Gris may be many things:


  • The Pinot Gris is nurtured through the season, as with all Terrace Edge wine, with the gentle touch of organic viticulture.
  • Pruned with a careful eye, guided with a steady yet firm hand through the season, modestly cropped and left to ripen.
  • Discovering optimal ripeness becomes a daily obsession, when the sweetness, acidity, flavour and balance are just so.
  • Harvest in earnest by hand.
  • Fermented both in oak barrels to develop complexity, interest and depth, and in stainless steel to achieve architecture, precision and strength.


These attributes are the ‘how to’ of this wine. However it’s more than that. Terrace Edge Pinot Gris is developing some pedigree; it has been winning fans since the first vintage in 2008.

  • 2009 Gold Medal: Royal Easter Show
  • 2010 – Michael Cooper Top 100 Wines
  • 2012 – Pure Gold Medal: Bragato Wine Awards 2013
  • 2013 – Trophy: Canterbury Wine Awards 2014


Most of all it has real personality. It raises your eyebrows, widens your eyes and says “Hello beautiful!” It is silky, spicy, seductive, and smooth. This wine is a real conversationalist; it has plenty to say.


 Pinot Gris grapes hanging from the vine.