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Inspired tastes: fresh pasta

Words by Liv Jefferis

A short time ago, we were inspired to make a vegetarian lasagne, with produce from our autumn harvest. Having recently been gifted a pasta maker it was a great opportunity to really get back to basics.

Initially, a pasta maker may seem unnecessary for the modern kitchen, with the ease of opening a packet of ready-made pasta sheets hard to beat. However, we discovered that just one egg and a handful of flour makes the perfect amount of pasta for a regular sized lasagne and conveniently, the time taken to boil those ready-made sheets far exceeds that to roll and dry the homemade stuff. Most importantly though, you get a fresher, more natural product.

There is definitely something about creating a meal using ingredients which you have grown yourself. The beauty of a lasagne is that you can use almost any vegetables that you have floating around the garden. We used zucchini, spinach and aubergine in a tomato based sauce, with the traditional cheese sauce in between layers.

Due to the variety of flavours and textures in a vegetarian dish it can be difficult to find a wine which matches the food. We chose to enjoy this meal with the Terrace Edge 2012 Pinot Noir. This wine is full bodied and tannic but beautifully balanced, and naturally complimented the complex flavours of the dish.