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Vintage report: 2014

Words by Liv Jefferis

Complexity, balance and concentration of fruit are all features we can look forward to following the 2014 vintage at Terrace Edge. Varying weather conditions provided an interesting platform for the first certified organic harvest, the culmination of a three year process with BioGro.

Frost fighting featured early on in the season, but little damage was inflicted. A warm spring gave the vines a strong start, demonstrated by rapid shoot growth and very early flowering with good fruit set.

Temperatures dropped dramatically around Christmas, slowing growth. Thankfully, the new year emerged hot and dry, contributing to fast fruit development and ensuring careful canopy work, with lots of shoot thinning to ensure light and air movement throughout the vines.

Strong winds brought havoc to the valley, with damage to nets widespread. These were quick to be repaired and minimised bird damage.

We entered harvest on the 30th of March with the fruit looking very balanced and showing great concentration. A significant rain event disrupted progress only a few days in, the Pinot Noir held up remarkably well, its thick skin meaning we experienced very little deterioration. Diligent fruit selection by the pickers was imperative throughout.

The Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris withstood the wet conditions well and were picked on the 15th and 26th of April respectively.

With a relatively small crop of Riesling this vintage, we decided to just make one style, Liquid Geography. The fruit endured the rain, maintaining excellent flavours with Noble Botrytis developing following the most significant rainfall. This aspect will feature and it looks to be developing into an outstanding wine.

The Syrah didn't fare so well and without enough sunshine hours it was going to be lacking in tannin ripeness to make our normal Syrah. As a result, we decided to craft our first, limited release, Rose. The fruit was carefully handpicked on the 45 degree slope and should develop into a fascinating and complex wine.

A challenging vintage overall, but the development of the fruit in the winery is looking very promising, with excellent balance and concentration of flavours a real feature of this season at Terrace Edge.