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New Arrivals!

Words by Peter Chapman

Wow, the last day of winter, it’s quite hard to believe that it’s been and gone! For us in the Waipara Valley, this winter has been the driest on record, not that it worries our grape vines as they shut up shop and recover from what was a fabulous season. However, we do certainly feel for our many neighbours who rely on grass growth for their animals, hopefully we see some rain early this spring!
As we were driving to work today, passing lambs, we were talking about how fantastic it is that spring is upon us. For myself spring can be packaged up in one word ‘new’. However, looking back on winter, there was lots of ‘newness’ over the last 3 months.
Firstly the newest member of the Terrace Edge clan arrived! Wee Jonah Hudson Chapman. He now makes weekly visits on Wednesdays with his Mum distracting all staff and lowering the productivity levels!
Other news is our Tasting Room renovation - what started off as ‘we’ll just knock down a wall’ became a full blown renovation project complete with 2 big glass sliders, barn doors, a bar window, and extra seating space for about 50 people! It’s not fully finished yet but we hope to have it all done by mid-November. With more people visiting Terrace Edge for wine tastings in the Waipara Valley, we found our old tasting room wasn’t quite big enough. Now we’ll be able to host small events, dinners and hopefully let more people enjoy what Terrace Edge has to offer.

This winter also welcomed the arrival of one of our two new varieties  Albariño. Bottled last week, we tried it a few lunch times ago and I’m not wanting to be accused of blowing our own trumpets, but let’s just say it is deliciousness bottled up in 750mls! First sales start this weekend at the tasting room! If you want to pre-order some Click Here and let us know.

Albariño Grapes

The other new variety is Saint Laurent, this won’t be bottled until March 2017. More on this wild cousin of Pinot Noir in the future!

The last bit of new news, was receiving the Wine of the Show award for the Liquid Geography Riesling 2014 in the New Zealand Organic Wine competition. We don’t have much of this wine left, so be in quick if you want a taste of this history making wine. On sale at our Waipara Valley cellar door.

So on that note of newness, we’ll get back to finishing pruning our 40,000 vines. Prepping them for the new buds to burst, new season and new wines to come. 

Words – Alanna Chapman