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Syrah 2015

Syrah 2015


NZ Organic Wine Awards 'Champion Syrah'

In 2017 we were tasting this wine with a visiting international sommelier,  who suggested that it had immense aging potential. We ended up setting aside 400 bottles in our library cellar so we could have something special to offer. Recently we entered it into the 2020 NZ Organic Wine Awards. We were delighted when it won 'Champion Syrah'. 

It is powerful and weighty with deep colour. Fragrant, with rich plum, spice and earthiness. It is very well structured and supple, likely to keep developing even more complexity over the next 2 years. 


Tasting notes

The bouquet shows dark plum, cherry pie, cocoa, cedar and floral characters with nuances of black olive and spice. The palate delivers excellent fruit concentration and richness, supported by silky texture and polished tannins.

Wine list


Hails from the cool climate of Galacia, a region situated in the northwest of Spain. Planted in 2013 it is settling into our site extremely well. We think it has huge potential.

Pinot Gris

We aim to produce a rich, complex, aromatic style. Cropping levels are kept low to ensure the fruit is concentrated. Varietal flavours are accumulated through hang time on the vines well into Autumn.

Pinot Noir

The combination of our meticulous hand work and ancient mineral soils gives a depth of dark fruit with layers of earthy complexity and spice.

Riesling - Liquid Geography

Of all the whites grapes Riesling tends to change its character according to the landscape in which it is grown. Therefore, it can be thought of as 'Liquid Geography".


This Rose is unique because it is made from mostly Syrah grapes. This gives the wine a silken texture and spicy notes. It also has the classic strawberries and cream flavours.

Saint Laurent

Genetically it is thought to be a ‘wild cousin’ of Pinot Noir. Also known as a ‘gentle giant’ – this is because the wine is big in colour but on the palate it’s gentle with beautiful smooth, silky tannins.

Syrah 2020

Syrah is a favoured variety at Terrace Edge. The unique site lends itself to high quality production. We are rewarded with a complex wine, with spice, velvety tannins and great finesse.

Riesling - Classic

The aim with our 'classic' is to make a wine which has varietal purity. It's just off-dry with beautiful citrus characters.

Food & Wine Matching Voucher

Syrah 2015

NZ Organic Wine Awards 'Champion Syrah' A release from our library.

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