Terrace Edge Vineyard and Olive Grove
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Olive Oil

The Terrace Edge Olive Grove is planted with a selection of Tuscan varieties, which benefit from the hot days and the cool nights of the Waipara region, which is similar geographically and climatically to Tuscany.

The cooler climate of the Waipara Valley means olive trees tend to be slower growing and less fruitful, giving greater concentration of flavours.

Olive harvest typically begins in June and lasts approximately four weeks. Oil is extracted from the olives within 24 hours of picking, to give purity and preserve the integrity of the oil.

Here at Terrace Edge, we grow Frantio, Leccino, Penolino and Minerva olives. All varieties have been chosen for their fresh, peppery and intense characteristics. The rich alluvial soils and cool climate combine on our unique site to produce outstanding olives with distinctive flavour.