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Albarino hails from the cool climate of Galacia, a region situated on the Atlantic coast in Spain's northwest. Noted wine critic, Robert Parker, called Albarino, "one of Spain's great wine gifts to the world."

This is a new variety to North Canterbury, but seems to be settling in very nicely. We believe that with our hands-on viticulture, organic practices and ancient minerally soils we can make something pretty special with this varietal.

The grapes are meticulously picked and then fermented in aged oak barrels for added texture and complexity. Albarino is characterised by its classic peach and citrus tones, zesty acidity, hint of minerality and floral bouquet.

GOLD MEDAL, NZ Organic Wine Awards 2020
5 Stars 2020 Raymond Chan
5 Stars 2020 Sam Kim, Wine Orbit NZ


Tasting notes

The nose is expressive with ripe apricot, rockmelon, mandarin and subtle spice aromas.The plate is concentrated and succulent. It also has good mid-palate weight and rich, silky texture

Wine list


Hails from the cool climate of Galacia, a region situated in the northwest of Spain. Planted in 2013 it is settling into our site extremely well. We think it has huge potential.

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