Terrace Edge Vineyard and Olive Grove
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The Waipara Valley is a unique wine growing region, with many different soil types in a small geographical area. Terrace Edge vineyard has been planted specifically to match the variation in soils, in order to grow wine which reflects the location and climate of its home. The vineyard is sensitively and meticulously managed, this is a very labour intensive approach which in return produces balanced and complex wines.

Our vineyard is certified organic by BioGro, this process began in 2011 and is about being sensitive to our surroundings. The belief that everything in nature can work together is the cornerstone to the organic philosophy. Developing healthy soils, meticulously managing the vines to prevent disease and using only naturally derived products, means the vines are healthier and we can produce lower yields of high quality fruit.

Pinot Noir

Our Pinot Noir was planted in 2002, on a strip of land near the edge of the terrace. Over time, the strong north west winds have deposited clay and silt creating a very fertile section of land. A rich silt loam topsoil sits on top of a matrix of sand, silt and clay. This unique combination of soil is very fertile and is perfect for high quality Pinot Noir production. The gravels, which this rich topsoil overlay, are free draining and devigorate the vines, ensuring low crops of concentrated fruit. The combination of soils gives a depth of dark fruit with added earthy complexity, creating a full bodied, balanced and beautifully aromatic Pinot Noir.


Syrah is a favoured variety at Terrace Edge, the unique site lends itself to high quality production. Syrah requires more heat to ripen, and was therefore a perfect compliment to the intense 45-degree slope on the edge of the terrace. The gravelly slope retains and radiates heat meaning this block consistently reaches temperatures 5 degrees warmer than the rest of the property. Our vines require careful, constant attention on this difficult slope, but we are rewarded with a rich, full bodied wine with velvety tannins and great finesse.

Aromatic Wines

The Riesling, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc were planted in 2005, on the more free-draining, gravelly parts of the property. The devigorating alluvial gravels give a beautiful minerality and lifted aromatics. Liquid Geography, our Riesling, particularly reflects the combination of climate, ancient Glasnevin gravels and the hands on growing approach used to make wines which speak of their home.

St Laurent

St Laurent, an exciting, recent addition to our vineyard, is a premium red varietal grown widely in Austria and Northern Italy. It is generally believed to be a natural cross between Pinot Noir and an unknown partner - (could be thought of as a wild cousin of Pinot Noir). It is believed to have made its way to Austria, from France, some 150 years ago. Its name is reported to come from the fact that this early ripening variety becomes edible on or around Saint Laurentius day (10th August).

St Laurent is highly aromatic and produces dark, small berries with smooth silky tannins and sweet cherry aromas.

We aim to take a small crop off these vines in the 2016 vintage and produce a limited amount of this rare wine. We are confident the vines will grow well in the Waipara Valley, and are excited to discover the potential of this variety.


We planted our first 1800 Albarino vines in the spring of 2013. Albarino is an aromatic wine which hails from the cool climate of Galacia, a region situated on the Atlantic coast in Spain's northwest. Albarino is characterised by its classic peach and citrus tones, zesty acidity, hint of minerality and floral bouquet.

Noted wine critic, Robert Parker, called Albarino, "one of Spain's great wine gifts to the world," and we believe that with our hands on viticulture, organic practises and ancient minerally soils we will be able to make something truely special. We will produce our first batch following the 2016 vintage.